DESCRIPTION: For fast and effective treatment of microbial infections in poultry and livestock   DOSAGE: In drinking water for 3-5days or until complete recovery. Poultry- 1g/3-8 litre, Sheep, goats,sows-1g/3-8litre, Calves- 1g/60kg bw    


  • Tylosine tartrate- 20gr
  • Doxycycline hyclate-20gr
  • Vitamin A-100,000
  • Vitamin D3-20,000,iu
  • Vitamin E-200mg
  • vitaminB12- 300mcg
  • Vitamin C- 5000mg


  • High level antibiotic concentration provide fast and effective cure of bacterial infection, while the vitamins helps in convalescence and early return to norm activity