Training & Extension Services
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The company is involved in extension services to educate farmers (prospective and practicing farmers) on most viable husbandry practices


Welcome to the Funtuna Institute of Poultry and Aquaculture Management and Technology

Who we are

A training school providing practical oriented basic and continuous education in poultry and aquaculture practice

Why we exist

To add value to the industry and society by bridging the knowledge gap, thus ensuring profit for investors, fulfillment for staff and well being for society

What we do

  • Training Programmes
  • Basic training for new entrants/investors in poultry and aquaculture business. Conceived at certificate and diploma levels
  • Specialized training for new knowledge  in various aspects of poultry and aquaculture practice can be conducted on our campus and off campus.
  • Customized training tailored to suit peculiar needs of organizations can be conducted on our campus and off campus awareness
  • Investors' awareness
  • Farmers' awareness
  • Public awareness
  • Back-up services
  • Library and documentation
  • Research and development
  • Programme support

Our Programme Thrust

Investors' orientation/training:

We have observed that a high percentage of individuals with backgrounds in other professions who invest their surplus savings in agriculture end up burning their fingers. This is often due to lack of proper guidance, no thanks to arm-chair consultants or out-rightly dubious individuals. Our short term orientation/training bridges this gap as we teach participants simple farming tips and thereafter, take them on a long-term follow-up process.

Retirement Planning:

We believe that agriculture especially livestock business is a good post retirement vocation. We therefore seek to expose active workers to the value and basics of planning for profitable post retirement livestock operations while they are still in active employment. Doing this secures their income and vocational adjustment after retirement.


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