Poultry products

DESCRIPTION: Liquid: Herbal anti-stress, adaptogen, immunomodulator (Herbal Poultry Products)   DOSAGE: Chicks: 5-10ml per 100birds/day, Layers/Broilers: 10ml per 100birds/day, Growers: 7.5ml per 100birds/day, Breeders: 20ml per 100birds/day     PACK: 200ml & 1ltre


  • Each 10ml contains:
  • Phyllanthus emblica extract0.500g
  • Withania somnifera extract0.500g
  • Ocimum sanctum extract0.375g
  • Mangifera indica extract0.025g
  • Shilajit extract        0.020g
  • Aqueous Base q.s        10ml


  • Adapt the body system of birds to cope with heat stress;
  • It helps in preventing and countering the negative effects of stress such as panting, reduced feed intake and immuno suppression.
  • It also ensures optimum feed utilization, growth and egg production during stressful episodes/conditions.  

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