Poultry products

DESCRIPTION: Powder: Hydrodispersible mixture of anticoccidial antibiotics and vitamins   DOSAGE: Poultry/pigeons: 100g/160L of drinking water for 5-7days, Sheep/goats/calves: 1g/10kg bodyweight for 5days    PACK: 100g


  • Each 100g contains
  • Amprolium HCL 17,500mg
  • Sulphaquinoxaline 17,500mg
  • Vitamin A 1,500,000IU
  • Vitamin K 500mg. 


  • Amprolium and Sulfaquinoxaline are proven coccidiostat and they act synergistically for enhanced therapeutic effect against Eimeria Spp.
  • Vitamin K to reduce blood loss and Vitamin A to assists in repair of the damaged intestine.
  • It is fast and effective in the cure of coccidiosis and prevention of blood loss associated with clinical coccidiosis. 

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