Poultry products

DESCRIPTION: Powder: Stress-free all round dewormer for poultry (Anithelmintic/ Dewormer/ Antibiotics)   DOSAGE: Poultry: 1gm/litre of drinking water for whole day, Swine: 5 sachets/ton of feed for 3days    PACK: 100g Sachet, FISH: by bath at hatchery level use at 1gm per 4litres of water for 10 hours only. Change water thereafter. Effective against trematodes (Gyroductylus and dactylogyrus spp).


  • Mebendazole 500mg/5g 


  • For effective termination of ova, larva, immature and mature stages of round worms and tape worms.
  • It's a stress free and easy to administer in water for poultry and in feed for pigs. 

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