Premixes & Additives

DESCRIPTION: High quality mineral salt lick for Cattle and Horses   DOSAGE: Dairy cows: 100gms/head/day, Beef cattle: 50-100gms/head/day, 250kg horses: 50gms/head/day, 500kg horses: 100gms/head/day, Camels: 5-10gms/head/day     PACK: 10kg


  • Zinc 5,000mg/kg, Managanese 2,000mg/kg, Copper 1,000mg/kg, Iodine 75mg/kg,Cobalt 50mg/kg, Selenium 25mg/kg, Sodium 36.0%, Calcium 1.7% 


  • For feeding dairy cows, beef cattle, suckler cows, horses and camels as a source of sodium chloride and trace minerals when required to replace those lost during sweat or milk production. 

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