Poultry Equipment


  • High stocking density, available from 4tiers and above
  • Higher laying performance through better house environment
  • H-frame cages for large scale installation with automation either in open sided or closed controlled environment
  • Made from non rusting, non corrosive strong equipment
  • Anti - corrosive 1mm thick alloy feed trough with lifetime warranty
  • Specially profiled cage stands with very high strength
  • Cage box made completely out of Bezinal wire
  • Feed trough fitted with galvanized step rails which can be climbed upon to examine the upper tiers and remarkably low bird mortality during rearing.
  • Available with accu-weigh or accu-flow or accu-level type of feeding system either of which guarantees accurate feed dispensing with trough cleaning regulatory boot
  • Easy access to feed from day one and compatible for further automation.

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