Poultry Equipment


  • Allows 100% ventilation
  • Centre cool system -aerodynamically designed with air gap between tiers which allows fresh air to circulate around birds
  • Ideal for hot climate
  • Designed with unique egg saver cum foot rest which discourages hen from eating eggs
  • Foot rest also allows birds to eat in their natural and comfortable position
  • Equipped with step rails which allow standing on the case for easy monitoring and handling of birds without any damage to the cage
  • Durable cage unit made of superior galvanised wire
  • Sliding doors which allows easy & convenient handling of birds
  • Strong and non corrosive feed trough made of aluminum alloy
  • Easy to install
  • Optimal stocking of birds at 120 birds per unit with ample space per bird
  • Has option of automatic egg collection and feeding system
  • Value for money - extremely economical and can accommodate 25% more birds in the same area more comfortably.

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