Sunday October 11th 2015 is world egg day when events are held around the world to celebrate the egg and the incredible role it plays in people's diets

Not really surprising, new departments always spring up on need basis to increase productivity, staff welfare or to improve or maximize marketing strategies.

Just not too long ago, Animal Care Services Konsult (NIG) Ltd constructed a world class laboratory, which as far as the industry is concerned is the best you can get around and is operated by world class professional veterinary doctors, best in the business.

Recently Animal Care Services Konsult (NIG) Ltd constructed a world class pen housing 25,000 birds under one roof with automatic egg collector, automated bird feeding mechanism and an ultra modern water distribution system. Technologically we are revolutionalizing the Nigerian agricultural industry. اونيلا قناع وجه فيتامين سي فوائد فيتامين سي للبشرة تساقط الشعر

As a result of our on going extensive research, Animal Care remains in the forefront of new products, bio-security products and herbal medicament innovation.

Based on this, we always have new product breakthroughs to announce so please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages often for relevant updates.


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