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Veterinary Medicaments & Vaccines

  • Aminovitalyte

       DESCRIPTION: Vitamin and Supplements   DOSAGE: Water: 1g per 4 litre of water for 3-5days, Feed: mix 100g in 250kg of complete feed for 3-5days     COMPOSITION: Vitamin A  Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Vitamin B 12 VitaminB2 Nia D-calcium pantothenate Biotin Vitamin C L. Lysine DL-Methionine Electrolytes(present as Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride) BENEFITS:  Prevention and treatment of vitamin and amino acid deficiencies in domestic animals. phenq avis Aids in maintenance of good health and performance. Stress, convalescence, post vaccination. Improves growth and production in poultry male extra avis   اونيلا قناع وجه فيتامين سي فوائد فيتامين سي للبشرة تساقط الشعر  
  • Anicillin

      ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Penicillin, Streptomycin and Vitamins   INDICATIONS: Controlling bacterial diseases in poultry and preventing of diseases in starting chicks     USAGE: 100gm pilule pour maigrir
  • Anoxyvit

       DESCRIPTION: Hydrosoluble Antibiotics powder + vitamin   DOSAGE: 1gm per  1ltr of drinking water for 5 days     PACK: Plastic container, 30sachet per pack COMPOSITION: Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride 20%, 14 vitamins BENEFITS:  Oral antiobiotics treatment of primary and secondary bacterial infection with benefits of added vitamins minimizing stress condition in treated animals . اونيلا قناع وجه فيتامين سي فوائد فيتامين سي للبشرة تساقط الشعر    
  • Bioliv Plus Liquid

  • Conflox 20% BH Oral Solution

       DESCRIPTION: Effective combination of enrofloxacin & bromhexine HCL  for fast and effective treatment of microbial infections in poultry   DOSAGE: 25ml of conflox20%BH in 100l of drinking water(1m 1to 4 litres), General treatment-3days, Salmoncilosis: 5days    PACK: 1litre, 100ml COMPOSITION: Enrofloxacin U.S.P 200mg Bromhexine HCL B.P 15mg BENEFITS:  CONFLOX20% BH would solve this problem with it active ingredient bromhexine Liquefies the thick mucus and enhance the availability of enrofloxacin in target issues.

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    Veterinary Medicaments & Vaccines  Premixes & Additives  Poultry Equipment  Feeds & Concentrates اونيلا قناع وجه فيتامين سي فوائد فيتامين سي للبشرة تساقط الشعر
  • Poultry Boost Vitaminolyte

  • Veterinary Medicaments & Vaccines

    Veterinary Medicaments & Vaccines